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Elastic Magazine Placard

Elastic Magazine Placard

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Polyester webbing elastic magazine placard. Each cell is designed to retain a single AR-15 type magazine. Cells also accommodate a variety of weapon platform magazines, radios, tourniquets and other mission essential items. Additional retention provided by 1/8th inch bungee cord and synthetic rubber S&S Precision® pull tabs which provide a non-slip ergonomic grip. Attaches with G-Hooks, additional retention via hook Velcro rear and loop Velcro front. Designed for our LPSPC carrier line, as well as most other carriers on the market.

Each placard uses matching coloured Velcro®, including woven printed loop for use with all patterns of MultiCam and US Woodland M81.

Quality guaranteed. Made in Canada.

This product is made to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks to ship.

All pricing in Canadian currency 🇨🇦

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